Personal Income Tax Returns

Every chargeable person must self- assess i.e. you are responsible for making your own assessment of tax due.

Am I a chargeable person?

You are a chargeable person if:

  1. Your net non-PAYE income (including income subject to DIRT such as deposit interest) is €5,000 or more in a tax year, or
  2. Your gross non- PAYE income (including income subject to DIRT) is €30,000 or more in a tax year.
  3. A company director who is the beneficial owner of or is able either directly or indirectly, to control more than 15% of the ordinary share capital of the company i.e. a proprietary director

If you are a chargeable person you should register and file their personal income tax return. Individuals who are taxed under the self- assessment system should file their income tax return Form11 each tax year by 31 October following the relevant tax year.

We arrange the tax registration for:

individuals, landlords, contractors, company directors, employees with untaxed income. Should you require our assistance filing your income tax return you can call us on (071) 914 3136 or request a call back here.

Request a Callback

Please request a call back here if you require any of the services listed above or contact us on (071) 914 3136

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