Capital Gains Tax

You pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any capital gain you make when you dispose of a chargeable asset such as land, buildings, shares in a company, patents. You pay the tax on the gain and not on the whole amount you receive. The tax is paid by the person making the disposal.

We can help you calculate the capital gains or losses and file the tax return on your behalf. We do capital gains tax returns for:

– Individuals and companies that are resident in Ireland
– Non-resident individuals and companies

Companies must include capital gains in their corporation tax return. However, when a company makes a disposal of a development land, it must pay Capital Gains Tax rather than Corporation Tax.

Reliefs from CGT may also be available. Some reliefs that can be claimed are:

When to file and pay?

For disposals made between:

– 1 January and 30 November- CGT is payable by 15 December of that year
– 1 December and 31 December- CGT is payable by 31 January of the next year

We will also arrange the tax registration to enable you to file the return.

Non -resident individuals

We also help non- resident individuals to file and arrange a payment of tax liability (if any) if they dispose of:

  • The land, buildings in Ireland
  • Exploration right within Irish boarders
  • Unquoted shares deriving the greater part of their value from a), b) above or assets used for the purposes of a trade carried on in Ireland

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